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Membership management

Our software streamlines the entire membership journey, from welcoming new sign-ups to handling renewals with ease. It ensures your member records are meticulously organized, readily accessible, and simplifies the intricate process of member management, making it a breeze for you and your team.

Attendance Tracking

Monitor attendance with ease, Our software simplifies attendance monitoring, With QR code check-ins and check-outs for users and robust filters for admins, our system simplifies attendance tracking for classes, sessions, and facility access.

Tailored Data Collection With Custom Forms

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all forms. Create custom forms that align perfectly with your unique requirements. Elevate your services with personalized data collection and custom forms. Gather member information effectively and adapt effortlessly to individual needs, setting your offerings apart in the market.

Integrated Communication Channels

Stay seamlessly linked to your members via real-time channels. Dispatch reminders, updates, and broadcasts with ease. Harness the power of integrated communication tools, allowing you to send messages through WhatsApp, email, and SMS. Keep your members informed about fee reminders and promotional offers effortlessly.

Budgeting and Errand Tracking

Keep an eye on your finances, Easily monitor your spending and income for better budgeting. Our platform allows you to effortlessly monitor these crucial elements, enabling you to make informed and effective budgeting decision.

Comprehensive Value

We offer a comprehensive package that includes budget-friendly pricing at just Rs.350/- Per month, ensuring it's accessible to all. You'll experience a smooth journey with user-friendly interfaces catering to users of all levels, and your data's security remains paramount with our robust measures, allowing you to focus on what truly matters with peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

Innovative & Future-Ready

Rooted in agile startup culture, we continually enhance our software, driven by your feedback, and plan future features for data-driven growth.

Versatile & Flexible Software

Our software transcends industry boundaries, seamlessly adapting to gyms, pools, courts, clubs, and various settings, offering limitless possibilities.

Pocket Friendly

We firmly believe that innovation doesn't have to come at a steep price. Our products offer quality while ensuring affordability.

Sporting Roots

Our founders, as avid users of sports facilities themselves and understand the challenges of maintaining handwritten records, which led to the creation of our user-friendly software .


₹ 350 /month

Quick Stride Plan

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₹ 3000 /anum

All Season Plan

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